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Carl Jr's Addendum to Carrie's Memories


We've started this web site to share our family photo's.   Carrie Kurtz was born on the 4th of July in 1895. 
 She lived to be over 101 years old and was a presence that brought our families together for decades. 
She wrote us letters and called us.  We celebrated many of her birthdays that brought us together year after year to enjoy her company and each other.  Enjoy the site, and send me an email if you have any questions or requests. I would appreciate any current pictures and comments. If you send pictures you would like to have placed on the website please identify the people as I don't know a lot of the additions to the extended family.
I learned something about browsers while playing with this project. If you use Netscape or Mozilla Firefox
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Carl Kurtz

                                                                         FORWARD TO MEMORIES

Some of my children and grandchildren asked me again and again to write about my childhood and growing up years. I finally started to try to remember as far back as I could and started jotting down memories as they came to my mind. There were months at a time between writings. Joy said that she would do the typing for me.
I flew up to Oregon to Joy and Cece's and we've been sorting, typing, retyping and resorting and writing still more and more. We've enjoyed this project and we1ve learned a lot while working on it.

Carrie Kurtz   October, 1989



Carrie Kurtz         Carl Kurtz Sr
1895-1997           1894-1960

Carrie's Dad (Pa)
August Greiner

Carrie's Mom (Ma)
Katie Greiner

Father of August Greiner
John Greiner
Father of Carl Kurtz
Daniel Kurtz
Mother of  Carl Kurtz
Wilhelmina Radke Kurtz
Father of  Katie Greiner
Henry Schmidt
Mother of  Katie Greiner
Annie Schmidt
Carl close up Carrie's Family - all six


Carl in Army truck circa 1918 Katie Greiner with horse and pony
Kurtz family around 1943